About Us

Doing Business the Way It Should Be Done

Koating's Metroplex prides itself in specializing in what we do best; painting, repairs, and countertop resurfacing. We are not a jack of all trades company that makes claims to do all services with low prices that undercut our industry. Are you frustrated with paint on sprinkler heads? What about paint on carpet, plugs, cabinets, sinks and blinds? Are you tired of contractors not being on time, leaving you in a bind? Are you accustomed to listening to complaints from the cleaning service and maintenance about sloppy work being done? Call Koating's Metroplex and experience the difference.

Our Mission

At Koating's Metroplex, our mission is to bring quality to the customer in a fast and punctual manner. Infusing positivity, cooperation, and optimism with a "we will get the job done" attitude.

"Quality doesn't cost, it pays!"